Essay on female infanticide and foeticide

But it in any case, this practice is illegal and disturbs the delicate equilibrium of the nature. Legalization of abortion in India is another big reason for the illegal sex determination and termination of girl baby.

The important reason of female foeticide is the preference of male child over girl child because son is the main source of income however girls are consumer. In all Forty-four participants attended these training programmes. But the reckless practice is still on without realizing the ill effects and drastic consequences of the practice.

Before the advent of ultrasound, female babies were often killed by methods like poisoning, strangulation and other ways. There are lots of myths in the Indian society about girls from the ancient time that girls always take and boys always give.

God is the author of life and nobody should have the right to take it. Socioeconomic Another common misconception is that poverty, dowry, rural Indians and poor economic status is responsible for the elimination of girls in India.

Essay on “Female Foeticide” in India (750 Words)

Gynecologists and radiologists with the lure of money cooperated with people who desired male babies and took upon the crime of female foeticide. Girl child is killed before birth just to fulfill the wishes of old members in the family of getting boy baby first.

There are various Types of Essay Writing. Finally, after long years of hard struggle they are getting their rights to go ahead on the right track.

Forty-two participants attended the vertical programme. How can preferring a son be the sole reason for fewer and fewer girls in India, when girls have been consistently declining among all religiously affiliated and southern Indian states with a matrilineal society?

Daughters are given less respect and priority than sons in Indian society from the ancient time. Sixteen participants attended the workshop. Railways was organized at Regional Centre, Guwahati on 9 March, with the main objectives to: Solutions to Female Foeticide Although there are laws in place to tackle the heinous crime of female foeticide yet it goes without saying that a problem with such scope, is impossible to be tackled without other substantial changes.

Women have been given a special place in every religion which is working as a big curtain covering the eyes of people and help in the continuation of many ill practices including physical and mental against women as a norm since ages.

Thirty participants attended the skill training programme. Thus the system of female foeticide started with much zeal and reached to an extent where there was just one girl for boys in a region. In India and the South Asian subcontinent, the desire for a male child was so rampant that it leads to several consecutive childbearing processes on a single woman under the pressure to bear a boy child.

All the laws should be strictly followed by the every citizens of India. Women constitute half power of the country so in order to make this country a fully powerful country, women empowerment is very necessary. It is the shame for the parents who are desperate for a baby boy as well as doctors carrying out abortions especially for this.

This information will also help you with paragraph writing too. Twenty one participants attended the training programme.

It is the age old practice to kill ever unwanted girl child in the Indian society. The most current population census of has helped disprove some popular research-based perceptions about sex selective abortions. One, the practice of murdering a fetus and two, the selective practice of gender discrimination.

Some of the famous Tawaifs include: Tips for Essay on Female Foeticide, Infanticide Here are some useful tips for writing the essay on female foeticide and female infanticide. It was intended to expedite the process of fixing issues by allowing doctors to visualize the fetus and detect abnormalities, including severe neurological disorders.

There should be legal stoppage to get control over it. The real meaning of the women empowerment is to make them well educated and leave them free so that they can be capable to take their own decisions in any field.

Fourteen participants attended the Meeting. General reason behind abortion becomes unplanned pregnancy however female foeticide becomes planned by the families. Twenty-two participants attended the orientation training.

In the absence of adequate contraceptive measures, the women are mostly forced to choose the path of abortion in case they conceive another female child. They need to take positive steps and involve in every activities instead of only involving in the household chores and family responsibilities.

Thirty-eight participants attended the workshop. Nineteen participants attended the skill training. However, it remains a question of how to dismantle the thousands of existing ultrasound machines with these as it would involve cost, infrastructural logistic problems as well.

Thirty-nine participants attended the orientation training.female foeticide/ infanticide The term female foeticide means killing the female foetus in the mother's womb. How cruel? How cruel? The practice has been followed in India for ages, a country that once described its women as godessess.

Female Infanticide. For 50 years, fromfewer and fewer girls were allowed to be born in India. This situation, what I refer to as gendered arrangement, is old and commonly misunderstood. Female foeticide takes place when a foetus is aborted after it is determined to be female. Under this illegal practice, the sex of the unborn child is determined by using the technique of ultrasound and if it happens to be a female foetus, it is aborted through medicine or surgery.

Female Foeticide Essay FEMALE FOETICIDE INTRODUCTION: Contemporary Indian society professes a profound faith in every individual’s “right to life and dignity”. The rights relating to the weaker & vulnerable sections of Indian society especially women, and more specially the girl child were violated.

Killing the little girls of the world – the lingering problem of female infanticide

Activities for the month of January - December January Regular Training Programmes. Orientation Course for Functionaries of Voluntary Organisations on Monitoring and Evaluation of Developmental Programmes for Women and Children was organised by Headquarters from January, with the main objectives to: orient the participants to the concept and importance of Monitoring.

The twin social evils of female foeticide & female infanticide were the main agronumericus.comce against women exists in various forms, in all societies, the world over. In the world health assembly endorsed the fact that violence against women is a Public Health problem and female foeticide is one extreme manifestation of violence against women.

Essay on female infanticide and foeticide
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