If i were a principal of junior college

Parents and other visitors regularly commented on how clean everything looked and how attractive all the rooms were. Official copy of the high school transcript showing the final grades and date of graduation. B Fill out the information and click on "Save Profile", C Continue to fill out the application according to the on-screen directions.

Within or adjacent to the main college buildings you should provide residences for the master and the dean.

Anglo-Chinese Junior College

They have appointed PT. Practical plants that can be eatenworn, or otherwise used should certainly be given a place on your grounds. Pay close attention to the orientation of the buildings and grounds with respect to the sun, always seek to screen off the sights and sounds of traffic, and provide views into the distance from certain places on the grounds if possible.

In this model, which is only effective if the buildings are arranged around a courtyard, the student rooms are placed around independent staircases that open separately into the courtyard. They have appointed PT. Electronic Application for Admission 2. The anthem was written by E W Jesudason inwho served as headmaster of Raffles Institution from to By contrast, the Strong College JCR had circles of conversation, people playing cards, people napping in the corner, couples flirting, study groups working, birds feeding at the window, maps on the wall, diarists pouring out their lives into commonplace books, and on and on.

Food is the currency of all social transactions in a residential college. The main dining hall of a residential college should be a large perpetually-open room with a separate lockable serving area and at least one adjacent small person dining room for private functions.

As a biologist, one of the most fundamental distinctions I make in any landscape is the distinction between species that are native to the area and species that are exotic. A special page of recommendations on establishing residential college libraries shows that the library-founding business need not be complicated or expensive at all.

The chairs and tables should be set up in a number of different circles so that several small social groups can all be active in the room at the same time. A coat of varnish will protect them, and a clever builder could even install removable wall panels that could be replaced or extended as needed.

It should contain comfortable chairs for conversation, sofas for lounging or napping, a card table for game playing, a long table for social study groups and for serving food, and a magazine rack and newspaper basket to hold a few local, national, and international publications.

Junior Common Room — The Junior Common Room is the principal college living room, and after the dining hall it will be the most important room in the college. The students will be delighted when faculty spend time with them in the evening.

Official transcript from every college or university attended. The Choir participates in overseas competitions and tours. College clubs sponsored by the fellows can hold their meetings in the SCR, for example, and if you have an annual awards dinner for students you might instruct the prizewinners to gather with the senior members in the SCR beforehand.

A smaller, private dining room attached to the main hall—a room that can support lunch and dinner meetings for small groups—is also a useful feature.

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If possible, consider recreating on your grounds a portion of the ecological community that would have been found in your area centuries ago. The tulip trade has for centuries been an important element of the Dutch economy, and a garden of historic tulip cultivars is another example of a landscape feature that can be at once beautiful and educational.

You might put the laundry room next to the game room 2. Providing a clean place for them to prepare their own food will encourage them to remain in residence 1. You might put the laundry room next to the game room 2. In the sections below I first consider residential college buildings 2.

This room may never be immaculate, but by allowing it to be the noisy place, the Junior Common Room can remain the quieter living room that it should be. The Junior Common Room 2. Students are required to comply with all specific certificate requirements within the certificate program s as outlined in the catalog.Sheldon College was founded in under the stewardship of Principal and CEO, Dr Lyn Bishop OAM.

Guided by a philosophy of Love, Laughter and Learning, Dr Bishop had a vision to open a school which would leave a legacy for children in the Redland Shire. Running back Milton Sargbah and defensive tackle Alex Williford are headed to junior college at Iowa Western.

Going to Division II is defensive back.

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Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) is a junior college in Singapore that offers a two-year pre-university programme leading to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level examination. Established inAnglo-Chinese Junior College is the junior college arm of the Anglo-Chinese School family of Methodist schools in Singapore.

Utica College in the news. Speaking Out for Students High-school principal Curtis Lawrence '94 talked new approaches for student safety during a White House conversation on gun violence in February.

Junior School Performing Arts Showcase Junior School had their annual Performing Arts Showcase at the end of last term.

More than seventy students across Year 2 to Year 6 performed to an audience of at least two hundred, consisting of their families, staff and their peers. Luke Perry, professor of government and politics and director of Utica College’s Center of Public Affairs and Election Research, recently authored his third book, Religious Responses to Marriage Equality, published by Routledge.

InThe Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v.

If i were a principal of junior college
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