Introduction to bibliometrics

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Altmetrics should be carefully interpreted to overcome the bias. An example of how information theory has been an interesting subject in relation to information science is the concept of redundancy.

PLOS is also a tool that may be used to utilize information on engagement. Here, the field is restricted to those parts of it which contribute directly to those activities indicated above. The lack of shared vocabulary between people and communication overhead can sometimes be an issue in these communities and projects.

Measuring your research impact: Getting Started

The cumulative scientometric indicator defined above has successfully been tested for promotion thresholds in Romanian physics research institutes and faculties [Romanian Ministry of National Education, Order No.

Whether they represent one, two, or more kinds of information sciences can only be uncovered by theoretical analysis of the core assumptions expressed in the respective conferences and their proceedings.

Introduction to Bibliometrics

Certain specialized topics within the vast Communication field are still given some prominence, e. Categories[ edit ] Altmetrics are a very broad group of metrics, capturing various parts of impact a paper or work can have.

By setting up a profile, you will be able to disambiguate yourself from authors with the same or similar names. Miksafound, however: The latter sense introduced by Shannon, quot.

Discipline (academia)

Regardless of the index that you are the most familiar with, this situation comes to mind: At the beginning of the s, when information science started to establish itself, it was faced with the problem that while nearly everybody used the term information, nearly everybody meant something different by it [25].

Information theory makes it possible to code messages, text, sounds, pictures etc. What can bibliometrics measures: Retrieved November 3, In the broad sense information science is a rather shapeless assemblage of chunks picked from a variety of disciplines that happen to talk about information in one of its many meanings.

Providers of metrics also typically provide access to the information from which the metrics were calculated.

An Introduction to Bibliometrics

The term Bibliothek-Wissenschaft was used for the first time in the title of a German textbook Schrettingerthe first issue of which was published in An Introduction to Bibliometrics: New Development and Trends provides a comprehensible, readable and easy to read introduction to bibliometrics.

Importantly, the book surveys the latest developments of bibliometrics (such as altmetrics, etc.) and how the field is likely to change over the next decade. In the literature, bibliometrics is. The AT ‐rich telomere‐associated sequences (TAS) in S.

pombe are hyper‐recombinogenic and have metastable nucleosomes. This fragile nature of subtelomeres is counteracted by the shelterin subunit Ccq1 and its downstream partners CLRC and SHREC.

Ccq1 protects TAS from nucleosome loss by recruiting the heterochromatic repressor complexes CLRC and SHREC. An academic discipline or academic field is a branch of incorporates expertise, people, projects, communities, challenges, studies, inquiry, and research areas that are strongly associated with a given scholastic subject area or college department.

In scholarly and scientific publishing, altmetrics are non-traditional bibliometrics proposed as an alternative or complement to more traditional citation impact metrics, such as impact factor and h-index.

Bibliometrics: Introduction

The term altmetrics was proposed inas a generalization of article level metrics, and has its roots in the #altmetrics agronumericus.comgh altmetrics are often thought of as metrics about. Bibliometrics is the quantitative analysis of publications.

It can help you to make decisions about where to publish your research and to get information about the impact of published research. This guide provides information about the most common tools that individual researchers or research administrators can use to measure their own, or.

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Introduction to bibliometrics
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