Nervous system practice quiz

The neuromuscular junction will be discussed in the Muscle Lab. These are glia that wrap their flat extensions tightly around the nerve fibers, producing fatty insulating coverings called myelin sheaths.

Many neurons in the spinal cord may appear shrunken and surrounded by an empty space due to poor fixation. What is the function of the blood vessels and capillaries?

Peripheral Nervous System

The medial surface of the section is the posterior portion of the thalamus and a small portion of the cerebral peduncle. Motor Nerves A motor neuron innervates one or many muscle fibers to control muscle contraction. The sympathetic nervous system preganglionic neuron releases what neurotransmitter?

What happens to blood when it is pumped into the thin-walled blood vessels of the lungs? Sensitivity to cold a - Nervousness, a racing heart, trembling hands and anxiety are all common symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

Muscles that require fine control have fewer muscle fibers innervated by each neuron; muscles that participate in less controlled movements may have many fibers innervated by one neuron.

All spaces are occupied either by the processes of neurons or glia or by capillaries these capillaries are somewhat swollen here because the tissue was fixed by perfusion.

Central Nervous System and Quiz 2

You should begin by distinguishing the axon from the dendrites. Pathology and Contraindications 5. In the center of the cord is the central canal, which is lined by ependyma, epithelial cells that produce cerebrospinal fluid. Physiological Effects of Massage How much time is generally needed of sustained touch to engage the parasympathetic nervous system?

General Structure of a Neuron (Nerve Cell)

Which of the following symptoms would you expect to notice about the client? Examine the cross section of the lumbar spinal cord in slide For now, it is important to be able to distinguish the two main horns of the spinal cord, along with their associated processes and nuclei.

The lateral extension of the ventral horn contains relatively large, multipolar visceral motor neurons of the intermediolateral cell column that extends from levels T1 through L2 of the spinal cord. Why are perikarya of dorsal horn neurons smaller than those in the ventral horn?

Because of the difficulty of discerning each glial cell type by routine light microscopy, you will not be required to identify glial cells in HE-stained sections by light microscopy, but you should be aware of their functions.

However, after a sustained period of 15 minutes, the parasympathetic nervous system engages. While every neuron possesses these four structural features, the relative positions of these features determine the type of neuron. Both Acetylcholine and Norepinephrine D. Astrocytes occur as two histological types.

As the nurse, it is important to know how the nervous system works and the types of drugs that can be administered to either inhibit or stimulate the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system.

They carry blood to all parts of the body. There are a few key points to remember when you are viewing a neuron under the microscope: A potential client calls to make an appointment for a massage. Review diagrams illustrating the morphology of neurons in your textbooks. Microglia are of mesodermal origin and are situated among neurons and around capillaries.

Exteroceptors carry sensations of pain, temperature, touch, and pressure from the skin and connective tissue. Neurons can be divided into four regions: The perikarya of large somatic motor neurons Webscope located in the ventral horn of the cord innervate the skeletal muscles of the limbs and trunk, which are embryologically derived from somites hence, somatic muscles.

Review the organization of gray and white matter in cerebral cortex vs. The mammillary bodies, reflex centers involved in olfaction the sense of smellbulge from the floor of the hypothalamus posterior to the pituitary gland.

Quiz: Brain & Nervous System

Ependymal cells, which are uniquely located lining the ventricles of the brain the central canal of the spinal cord, are one notable exception. Blood fills the lungs and causes coughing.

Developing a friendship with the client. It processes and interprets the sensory input and decides what should be done at each moment, a process called integration. You would bleed to death. The white matter contains nerve fibers axons entering and exiting the gray matter, and traveling up and down the spinal cord, linking it to the brain.

The ventral horn of the spinal cord contains the cell bodies of motor neurons. Nerve fibers are found in the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system. Many of the oils possess antimicrobial properties and have been incorporated into western medical treatments to fight against infections and disease.Quiz: Brain Anatomy.

1. Which of the following is not a part of a neuron? dendrite axon myelin Which part of the nervous system controls voluntary movement?

Quiz Human Peripheral Nervous System

autonomic sympathetic parasympathetic Which of the following is NOT part of the limbic system amygdala hippocampus hypothalamus cerebellum. Score = Correct answers: Return to. Answers-Practice quiz on The Nervous System Also practice from the quizzes at the back of the chapter answers are in the Appendixes at the back of the book 1.

Quiz: The Autonomic Nervous System

What structure of the spinal cord carries motor impulses from the brain? Take this quiz about your brain and nervous system, the system that controls everything you do. Matching Nervous System Matching Matching game for kindergarten, preschool and 1st grade.

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Nervous system practice quiz
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