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In King Charles III authorized the reorganization of the northern frontier region into a separate semiautonomous administrative district known as the Provincias Internas interior provinces. Inthe Villasur expedition from Santa Fe met and attempted to parley with French - allied Pawnee in what is now Nebraska.

As these new areas were later settled or conquered, they were brought under the purview of the Viceroy. That court, housed in the Casa Reales in Santo Domingo, was charged with encouraging further exploration and settlements with the authority granted it by the crown.

During this period Spain gave Euro-American merchants the right of deposit in New Orleansallowing them to use the port for their trade goods. In under the Duke of Alburquerque the Tribunal de la Acordada literally, Court of the Agreementan organization of volunteers, similar to the Holy Brotherhoodintended to capture and quickly try bandits, was founded.

During the eighteenth century the population of New Spain grew as mining and agricultural production increased. For over three centuries the Spanish Navy escorted the galleon convoys that sailed around the world.

Viceroyalty of New Spain

As a result of the low population density in the northern regions of New Spain, New spain officials were unable to maintain a regular schedule of border patrols. Although technically superior in governing authority, the viceroy in New Spain was hampered in practice from exerting that authority by the considerable independence of governors and royal audiencias in many of the subordinate areas.

In order to fund the formation of these new militias and pay for imperial expenses in Europe, the Bourbons intensified tax collection efforts.

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Ultimately, their reforms disrupted traditional social relations within the colonial system and contributed to favorable conditions for independence movements.

Africans had been present in New Spain since the earliest expeditions of exploration and conquest, participating as both conquistadors and enslaved laborers and personal servants. In the Province came under the new Provincias Internas jurisdiction. Nevertheless, the creation of scores of autonomous intendancies throughout the Viceroyalty, created a great deal of decentralization, and in the Captaincy General of Guatemalain particular, the intendancy laid the groundwork for the future independent nations of the 19th century.

Within this territory, the viceroys of New Spain aided in converting the native population to Christianity, developed an array of educational institutions, and oversaw an economy based almost entirely on mining and ranching. Social Bases of Agrarian Violence, — Over the course of the colonial period, New Spanish elites brought in someAfrican slaves to supplement an indigenous labor force that had been drastically reduced through diseases like smallpox and yellow fever.

The Louisiana territory was to be administered by superiors in Cuba with a governor onsite in New Orleans. After the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire in opened up the vast territories of South America to further conquests, the Crown established a second viceroyalty there in He is conventionally considered the first Japanese ambassador in the Americas and in Europe.

As an example, most Spanish priests committed themselves to learn the most important Amerindian languages especially during the 16th century and wrote grammars so that the missionaries could learn the languages and preach in them.

Brazil's independencein particular, shared a common starting point with Spanish America's, since both conflicts were triggered by Napoleon's invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, which forced the Portuguese royal family to resettle in Brazil in During the eighteenth century the population of New Spain grew as mining and agricultural production increased.

King Charles III introduced reforms in the organization of the viceroyalty inknown as Bourbon reformswhich created the intendenciaswhich allowed to limit, in some way, the viceroy's attributions.Nov 14,  · World news about Spain.

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Breaking news and archival information about its people, politics and economy from The New York Times. Spanish sensation Rosalia exports flamenco with a twist.

At 25 and with just two albums, Rosalia has converted her groundbreaking fusion of flamenco with urban and electronic music into a sensation in Spain. NEW SPAIN, VICEROYALTY OF. New Spain refers to Spanish possessions in the New World during the colonial period.

At its height New Spain included what are today the southwestern United States, all of Mexico, Central America to the Isthmus of Panama, Florida, much of the West Indies (islands in the Caribbean), as well as the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean.

The New Spain Portal ¡Bienvenido al Portal de Nueva España!. The Viceroyalty of New Spain (Spanish: Virreinato de Nueva España [birei̯ˈnato ðe ˈnweβa esˈpaɲa]) was an integral territorial entity of the Spanish Empire, established by Habsburg Spain during the Spanish colonization of the covered a huge area that included territories in North America, Central America, Asia.

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