The repercussions to creons beliefs in antigone a play by sophocles

Great Works Reading Series: Is she innocent--like Danae? Polyneices is to be left unburied.

Creon as a Tragic Character in “Antigone”

However, when the truth is revealed about Jocasta, Oedipus requests to be exiled, it is Creon who grants his wish and takes the throne in his stead.

Her words picture women as substandard people. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.

The Role of Women in Sophocles ‘ Antigone

Seamus Heaney's play The Burial at Thebes includes a note from the writer comparing Creon's actions to those of the Bush administration. She a woman dares to challenge Creon a man.

The Tragic Hero: Creon Or Antigone?

Creon buried our brother, Eteocles, with military honors, gave He will, however, continue to invoke their aid. Her vision is finally vindicated. I can argue that the choice made by Antigone was noble and honorable because she was standing up for what she believed in.

Antigone is honest, just and is willing to stand up for what is right at any cost. Do the gods have no regard for what I did? English US The debate on whether some jobs are preserved for men and others for women still rages as critics and adherents alike try to prove their points. Thus, according to this school, the punishment attributed to Antigone for not following the order was valid.

Antigone is both lamenting and happy about her situation. If she had not been alone in her revolt against the law, the results of her actions may have been different.

Now there is the other side of the coin that we must examine. The choice he makes to forbid anyone from burying Polynices is only to show the people of Thebes that he will not tolerate traitors and those who to betray him will be punished.

Zeus help to find the violator of his decree.

Oedipus the King Hamartia Essay Examples

Creon argues that he does not want to rule and would therefore have no incentive to overthrow Oedipus. He has a point probably one reason the Nazis tolerated the Paris production.

Sophocles Antigone State Law

Mortals can master all but death. Original production The play was first performed in Paris on February 6,during the Nazi occupation. His second offense is against Eros, a power against whom no one can fight.

There are mainly two arguments on this on-going debate. Laius, a previous king of Thebeshad given the rule to Creon while he went to consult the oracle at Delphi.

Antigone - Analysis of Greek Ideals

However, when Creon arrives at the tomb where she was to be interred, Antigone has already hung herself rather than be buried alive. Other representations Creon is also featured in Euripides's Phoenician Women, but not in Medea - the latter had a different Creon.

Essays 3 pages, words The Power of Choice Choices affect all of our lives. When word came of Laius's death, Creon offered the throne of Thebes as well as the hand of his sister and Laius' widow Jocasta, to anyone who could free the city from the Sphinx.

Antigone did not want another one of her family Antigone is one of his masterworks, which precisely manifests most of the Greek myths and culture. An always popular play, with the story apparently original with Sophocles. Antigone intends to bury P. With your life that must go on, come what may.

The contradictions between the beliefs of Creon and Antigone are strong throughout the play. Whether we make choices during the heat of the moment or with an open mind there are going to be consequences that follow whether good or bad are can only be blamed on us. Antigone disobeys Creon alone still knowing the consequences to come.After the death of their father, Oedipus, Antigone and Ismene return to Thebes.

The ruler is their unyielding uncle by marriage, Creon, who assumed command after the death of the sons of Oedipus, Eteocles, and Polynices in a fratricidal struggle to take control of the city.

Sophocles’ "Antigone"/ Analysis of Familial Conflict: The father and son conflict contained in this play, between the characters Creon and Haemon, is analyzed in this 5 page paper.

The emotional confrontation is discussed in the context of the entire Greek tragedy by Sophocles. Summary of Sophocles' Antigone Antigone's two brothers, Polynices and Eteocles, had fought a battle for the sake of the kingship of Thebes.

As the play. Antigone and her values line up with the first entity in each pair, while Creon and his values line up with the second.

Antigone continues to be a subversive and powerful play, and the inspiration for generations of rebels and dissidents. The characters Antigone and Oedipus in the play by Sophocles make a commentary upon the ideals of Greek humanism, specifically the individual’s responsibility in society and morality.

Both Antigone and Oedipus make several moral choices and suffer the consequences. Sophocles’ Antigone as it touches upon the issue of the legitimacy of power of an autocratic ruler Creon, explores how a possible conflict between power and justice has the capacity to .

The repercussions to creons beliefs in antigone a play by sophocles
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